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from the chief's desk

As we dive into the Fall Semester, the Division of General Internal Medicine continues to grow and morph at an ever-accelerating rate.  The planned merger of SMG and IMC is now fait accompli; the new SIM, soon to be housed exclusively at Blake Wilbur on the second and third floors, has already begun to reap the benefit of combining our premier practice and our flagship ambulatory care training sites for IM. mark_cullen


Resident patients and those in the full-time faculty practices are receiving care similar in every way except for the teaching context, while attendings from the academic faculty and the clinician-educators are now sharing the teaching load side-by-side to the advantage of all. Read More »

upcoming Conferences

Marcia Stefanick | Clinical Trials of Older Women (WHI): What is/are the most improtant question(s) to be answered for CVD, Cancer, and Healthy Aging, in general | Wednesday, February 23, 2011 | 9:30 - 11:00 am | LKS Building, Conference Room 101

Eran Bendavid | Does Foreign Aid for Health Matter? Insights from the HIV Era | Thursday, February 24, 2011 | 4:00 - 5:00 pm | MSOB x303


news & events

Congratulations to Eran Bendavid, MD, MS! 12.13.10


e_bendavidEran Bendavid has been promoted from Instructor to Assistant Professor.


California SGIM Clinician Educator of the Year Award 11.17.10


p_basaviahPreetha Basaviah, MD is the winner of this year's SGIM Clinician Education Award for her outstanding work in medical education and her many contributions to SGIM.

Congratulations to the 2010 DGIM Teaching Award Winners 11.17.10


VJ Periyakoil, MD and Neera Ahuja, MD

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Monthly Division Meetings

The GIM Chief invites DGIM faculty to attend and present at the monthly division meetings. Schedule »

GIM Executive Committee

The GIM Executive Committee meets monthly to discuss the planning and implementation of various aspects of the division. A schedule, agendas and meetings can be viewed through intranet More (password required) »

Special feature

Stanford Family Medicine and General Internal Medicine Join Forces 01.25.11


Linda Boxer, MD, Chair of the Department of Medicine announced the merge of the Divisions of General Internal Medicine (GIM) and Family and Community Medicine (FCM) in November of last year. The two divisions have joined forces to form the Division of General Medical Disciplines (DGMD) headed by Mark Cullen, MD. The new Division will encompass all GIM and FCM outpatient clinics and inpatient services. This merger represents a move to solidify the academic and clinical services offered by both divisions. Read more »

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